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For the 99% of Startups That Didn’t Get Into TechStars? A reason to continue…

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Let’s face it, rejection sucks. And getting rejected from TechStars, after making it to the final round of interviews REALLY sucks.

Here’s the reality for most startups:

As our Founder Jimmy Odom put it,

“No one brags about almost making it into Harvard.”

We’re not going to sugar coat it, we were bummed. Everyone wants to get into TechStars, but when you believe that you had all of the boxes ticked (team, product, idea, traction) hearing the words, “unfortunately we don’t have a slot for you” hits pretty hard.

But fear not.

Even though it doesn’t feel like you will recover from this massive blow of ego-checking, the heartbreak and disappointment will pass, eventually. It’s truly not the end of the world and life does go on. Keep building product. Keep eating that tasty ramen that you have come to love so much. And keep running that awesome business of yours. If it is in fact an awesome business, people will take notice and that’s exactly what happened with us.

The TechStars Chicago Class of 2013 began last week and as a contest the teams were pitted against one another to see who could sell the most bottles of water in one day. That meant Techstars needed 10k bottles of water delivered to their office in just a couple hours. Good thing they had the number forChicago’s favorite same-day delivery service. And just like that, TechStars officially became a loyal and repeat customer of WeDeliver.

If you were curious how we are doing after not getting into TechStars? We are out enjoying deliveries like this, hitting milestones for Mother’s Day, and hiring great delivery specialists like you.

Shout out to Project Fixup, for calling on WeDeliver to get their water delivered. They blogged about their experience in the TechStars water challenge here.

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About Daniela Bolzmann

Co-founder and CMO at WeDeliver. I enjoy writing about #startuplife, local businesses and updates from WeDeliver.

  • Prerak Trivedi

    You are presenting failure in very positive way. +10 for that. :)

  • Joseph Weaver

    This is a story about success despite adversity, not failure! It’s the story of every success out there. Be persistent. If you deserve success, any number of obstacles along the way will not stop you! Shoot for the stars, and eventually you’ll find the moon.

    • @DanielaBolzmann

      Thanks for the kind words Joseph, we couldn’t agree more.

  • Jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey

    The only real failure is giving up your dreams. Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

    • @DanielaBolzmann

      Agreed Jeff, thanks.